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Keep your UHarvest system up to date with the latest software package for an optimal experience. To ensure you are always up to date register your UHarvest system to receive software update emails. New bug fixes and features are only available via updates.

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Version 1.2.2-b794 Aug. ’18


UHarvest Software Release Notes

  • Hardware & Software
    • Fixed random hourglass / lock up bug
    • Allows data transfer with John Deere Gen 4 display (UHarvest Lite Only)
  • ECU
    • Testing will be performed to ensure the ECU meets all current performance parameters

Version 1.2.1-b783 Sept. ’16


UHarvest Software Release Notes

  • Processor
    • Fixed Resume Latest Job button for ISO VTs
    • Changed storage moisture of corn from 15.5% to 15.0%
    • Improved interaction with Apple iOS
  • ECU
    • Added Russian language translations for ISO VT
    • Fixed hourglass screen lock up issue
    • Fixed the UHarvest Lite EXPORT button when multiple displays are detected

Version 1.2.0-b754 Sept. ’15


UHarvest Software Release Notes

  • Virtual Terminal now supports up to 30 Grower/Farm/Field or Truck/Destination/Variety names
  • Truck/Destination/Variety names can be created from a Virtual Terminal
  • Fixed bug so the time zone offset gets applied to the Report screen
  • Added ability to reset to the default Wi-Fi password
  • Updates the ECU firmware version to 2.0.28

Version 1.2.0-b737 Jun. ’15


UHarvest Software Release Notes

  • Support for the data transfer to Uharvest App on the Apple Appstore (Apple devices only)
  • Formatted screens when accessing Uharvest via wi-fi on smartphone
  • Quickly resumes the last job after restarting the tractor
  • Ability to transfer grower/farm/field information across multiple processors (requires a tablet)
  • Truck weight tally – remembers how much weight has been dumped onto a truck and auto-calculates what weight is needed for a full truck load and auto-resets after the load is complete
  • Create a custom wi-fi password
  • Select your time zone (requires a tablet)
  • Ability to setup steerable duals feature through an ISO VT 
  • “CUSTOM” cart setting
  • Press anywhere on the file name to select a job in file management
  • Changed report screen orientation
  • Larger CAL button on tablet
  • Added the cart model description in the CAL section
  • Update the layout of the tablet and VT home screens
  • Updated tablet zero button
  • Modified spout centering calibration
  • Improved communication between the Processor and ECU
  • Added improved filtering for missed pulses from the PTO sensor
  • Typing new values on a tablet will automatically clear the previous setting without backspacing
  • Ability to switch the processor to constant power
  • Other performance improvements

Version 1.1.3-b640 Sept. ’14


UHarvest Software Release Notes

  • Please refer to installation instructions for a step by step guide to updating your UHarvest system.
  • Improved record keeping using a tablet display
    • Edit a load’s Truck, Destination, and Variety information at any time
    • Add a note to a load for enhanced recordkeeping
    • Select any combination of job files for transfer
  • Improved recordkeeping on the ISO VT
    • Increase from 10 to 30 Growers/Farms/Fields
    • Increase from 10 to 30 Trucks/Destinations/Varieties
    • One Truck/Destination/Variety database for all Grower entries
  • Wireless data transfer
    • Send job files to Slingshot using your iPhone or iPad’s existing data plan
    • Due to iOS8 issues, the required UHarvest Slingshot Mobile app is currently pending update. Please check back later.
  • Compatibility with metric units
  • Improved AccuLoad response times
  • Improved spout centering on Avalanche carts
  • Toggle steerable tandem duals on the ISO VT
  • Ability to enter a “Custom” cart during setup, using a tablet
  • Formatting for Android tablets
  • Changed verbiage to “Combine Verify” for yield monitor calibration

Version 1.0.5-b429 Dec. ’13

UHarvest – Initial software release (December 2013)

  • Included Features:
    • Tablet and VT compatibility
    • Grower/Farm/Field Structure
    • AccuSave
    • Field Reports
    • File Transfer
    • Truck/Destination/Variety
    • Moisture Sensor
    • Bushel Calculations
    • AccuLoad
    • Hitch Weight Management
    • System Diagnostics
  • Known Bugs:
    • Special characters are not supported for use in grower farm field, truck, destination and seed variety naming. Using them will cause an error.
    • There is a known issue with the 2013 software release UHarvest 1.0.5 - b429 working with Apple iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1. Apple has implemented a new feature designed to aid in connecting to access points that redirect internet traffic. Unfortunately, that change conflicts with the UHarvest system. To address these issues please use the following instructions: UHarvest and iOS 7 Troubleshooting
    • Using a Virtual Terminal
      • When setting up Uharvest on a Virtual Terminal you will need to manually enter the calibration number (40000) and the gain number (1.5) during setup for proper scale operation.
      • When running the Uharvest System on a Virtual Terminal make sure the VT is running in English units so the correct pounds (lbs.) show on the scale screen.