How It Works

The UHarvest Pro system conveniently connects the grain cart scale load cells using a reliable ISOBUS cable into your tractor's ISOBUS connection. Enter your data on your ISOBUS display for the crop and field you want to collect, and you're ready to harvest.

UHarvest Pro Walkthrough

  1. Virtual Terminal connects to the GCM (Grain Cart Module) via the ISOBUS port, displaying and recording your harvest data in real-time.
  2. Any phone or tablet with the UHarvest Pro app can connect to the bluetooth signal from the GCM to transfer harvest data
  3. The internet-connected device can then use its cellular from the field to upload the harvest data directly to Slingshot
  4. You can then use Slingshot to create detailed reports using grower, farm and field information as well as sharing information
How UHarvest Works - Flowchart