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Software Updates

July 2022

IMPORTANT: Both the GCM and mobile app need to be updated in order for them both to work properly. If one is updated without the other, features will be limited and exporting data to Slingshot will be disabled. It is strongly recommended to upload any files to Slingshot that have not been uploaded already.

New Features

  • Ability to create user database entries in the mobile app and transfer the database to the GCM [...]
  • Ability to view scale weight and job totals in the mobile app [...]
  • Ability to view diagnostic voltages in the mobile app [...]
  • Enhanced Scale Sensitivity Control which provides a more stable weight displayed while the cart is in motion [...]


  • Improved reliability of job transfer from GCM to mobile app
  • Retains last used Truck/Destination/Variety through a power cycle
  • Added job transfer completion percentage from GCM to mobile app
  • Red font on unusually dry moisture calculations; tapping on the number alerts user that calibration may be needed or to increase the flow rate of grain
  • Larger font in header of Scale, Unload, and Report screens
  • Added MM/DD/YYYY format for Delivered Report date range (previously MM/YYYY only)
  • Diagnostic value for the vehicle speed detected on the ISO bus
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