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Welcome to the UHarvest support page. Here you will find the latest news and updates regarding your UHarvest system and software, links to manuals, find your nearest dealer or contact our support team. If you haven’t already registered, be sure to visit the registration page to ensure you receive the latest email notifications and software updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

What components are included in the UHarvest Data Management System?

Standard Components:

  • Junction Box for scale load cell cables, mounted on the grain cart
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit) mounted on the grain cart
  • Processor located in the tractor cab
  • Accu-Save includes a Drivetrain RPM Sensor that automatically saves each load
  • Complete Wiring to connect system components (ISO cable, processor cable)

Optional Components:

  • Moisture Sensor mounted on the grain cart clean-out door
  • Accu-Load includes a Hydraulic Valve Block & Cabling to unload a pre-programmed weight
  • ISOBUS Cable Adapter for NON-ISOBUS tractors

Grain carts NOT equipped with scale load cells:

  • For any Brent, Killbros, Parker or Unverferth grain carts, scale load cells can be purchased in conjunction with the UHarvest system from your dealer.
  • For all other grain cart brands, appropriate load cells will need to be purchased separately.

How will the above components mount to my grain cart?

If your grain cart is currently equipped with scale load cells, you will need to plug each of the scale load cell cables into the provided Junction Box, which mounts on the grain cart. A cable will run from the Junction Box into the ECU, which also mounts on the grain cart. An ISOBUS cable will run from the ECU to the front of the grain cart and plug into the ISOBUS port on the tractor. An optional ISOBUS cable is available for NON-ISOBUS tractors. This cable will run from inside the tractor cab to the rear of the tractor.

Slingshot Data Process Flowchart

How does the UHarvest Processor plug into my tractor?

All of the wiring to connect your ISOBUS-ready tractor to the UHarvest system is provided. You simply plug the UHarvest processor cable into the IBBC plug located near the ISO port on the back of the tractor which connects it to the ECU on the grain cart. This also allows you to view your UHarvest System on your ISOBUS display if applicable.

How does the UHarvest Processor connect to my smart device(s)?

The UHarvest Processor provides a password protected Wi-Fi signal which allows up to 5 devices to connect within a 400ft. range. The system runs through your smart device(s) web browser and you can save a short cut for quick connection.

Can I use my ISOBUS Display and smart device(s) at the same time?

Yes, you can view your UHarvest data on your ISOBUS display and smart device(s) at the same time.

Where is my harvest data processed and stored?

The UHarvest Processor computes and stores all of the harvest data. The ISOBUS display and or smart device(s) are simply used as touch screen displays.

How much storage does the UHarvest Processor have?

The Processor features 2 GB of storage.

What is Slingshot?

Slingshot is a secure website with cloud storage and reporting capabilities. Data can be uploaded into your Slingshot account to view detailed reports. You can easily share and store your harvest data with entrusted individuals.

You can create a free Slingshot account at

How will this system improve my crop insurance reporting?

The Grower, Farm and Field data structure with Truck ID, Variety and Destination information is included in your reporting. When combining this with the optional Moisture Sense Technology, your reporting will also include Moisture Content with Wet and Dry unit count. Detailed reporting of your harvest data can be easily maintained and shared using your free Slingshot account.

Operational Questions

If I have multiple grain carts, how can I view each grain cart’s UHarvest data?

Simply toggle between the UHarvest Wi-Fi connections that are within range from your smart device(s).

Example: If you have multiple grain carts within the 400 ft. connection range, choose the corresponding UHarvest Wi-Fi connection of the grain cart you would like to view. Once connected, you will see that grain cart’s UHarvest information on your smart device(s) screen.

What is required of the grain cart operator to run the UHarvest system?

If the Grower, Farm, Field information is pre-populated, the grain cart operator will simply need to choose which grower, farm, field from a drop down menu. When unloading, if the Truck ID, Variety and Destination are pre-populated, they can simply choose this information from a drop down menu. The standard Accu-Save technology automatically saves each load so the operator can focus on unloading and quickly returning to the combine.

How do I retrieve my data from the UHarvest Processor?

Information can be retrieved from the Uharvest Processor in two ways:

  • USB drive to your computer
  • Upload to your Slingshot account
Data Download(1:06)

What type of file is exported from the UHarvest Processor?

The data will be exported as a type of .csv file (standard text file). This file type can be opened with any standard spreadsheet software such as Excel, Numbers or similar.

Where can I find the UHarvest Processor and grain cart ECU serial numbers?

There is a serial number placed on the Processor (located in the tractor cab) and ECU (mounted on the grain cart). You can use this information to register your Uharvest Data Management System at

Can the software be updated on the UHarvest Processor?

Once you register your UHarvest Data Management System, you will receive important update notifications through your registered email address. Software updates will be available for download via USB at

Can I change the standard test weight number shown in the UHarvest System?

Yes, select the test weight box on the Scale or Report screen and manually type in your test weight.