Data Reporting


Slingshot Data Storage Video
Slingshot Harvest Data Cloud

Enjoy easy and secure storage and management of your Uharvest data with your included Slingshot account. This secure website automatically generates ready-to-send harvest reports, saving you valuable time. One of the most convenient features of Slingshot, is the ability to wirelessly upload harvest data directly from the field with any 3G/4G smart device.

Easily Create Custom Reports

Slingshot Login
  • By Grower, Farm or Field
  • By Truck, Destination, Cart or Variety
  • Include dry bushel counts on all reports with the optional moisture sensor

Easily Share Your Data

Slingshot Data Process Flowchart Slingshot Report
  • Convert to a PDF for emailing
  • Export to Excel for merging with other farm data
  • Create a separate Slingshot login for any trusted party to access any given amount of harvest data directly from your account

USB to Spreadsheet

UHarvest USB Data Spreadsheets

Copy harvest data to your computer via a USB drive and create your reports using any spreadsheet software. The basic .csv file type allows the data to be opened in any popular software.